Gridoc makes complex Excel operations simple.

Gridoc makes complex Excel operations simple.

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Our Goal is to Save Your Time

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Merge any number of files

Upload and combine any number of CSV or Excel files.

Get results in real time

Have your files merged in minutes and export results quickly.

Join Tables by custom rules

Join tables by creating matching rules and merge rows into single table.

Fuzzy Matching

Interactively join rows from different files or sheets using fuzzy matching rules like Levenshtein Distance or Soundex.

Instant paging, sorting and full text search

Works out of the box for all uploaded files.

Download results

Download results to your computer or save them into your workspace for later.

Gridoc is so easy to use! Before we discovered the tool, we spent a lot of time trying to reconcile problems that VLOOKUP was causing our operations team. With the unique ability to support case sensitivity across massive data sets, we can now move much faster with a perfect rate of quality. I strongly recommend Gridoc!

Sean Mulvihill<br/>Director of Business Operations<br/><a href="" target="_blank">Zapproved</a>
Sean Mulvihill
Director of Business Operations

I was thrilled to find Gridoc, it helped me to quickly solve several data problems I had.

Carolyn Conrad<br/>Costello, Valente & Gentry, P.C.<br/><a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Awesome tool! When moving data between CRM systems, some spreadsheets only had an ID and no name or other identifier. I used Gridoc to get the necessary matching data which I then imported into the new CRM system. Using Gridoc the task became super easy!

Dean E. Merritt, Esq.<br/>Growth Solutions Team<br/><a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I am ecstatic about Gridoc. This is saving me so much time!

Andria Blackwood<br/>Kent State University<br/><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Andria Blackwood
Kent State University

“I used Gridoc to merge two massive sheets – great success!”

Append Tables with similar structure

Append Tables with different structure

Join Tables based on matching values

Join Tables with non-uniform data

Join 3 or more tables

Join Tables based on approximately matching values (Levenshtein Distance)

Join Tables based on matching names by sound (Soundex)

Group and summarize data using sum, average, min or max statistics

Group and enumerate values

You can merge any number of files.

Use Cases

Merge Your Customers Records with Data from External Sources

What if the CRM software at your company doesn’t integrate with any existing customer survey service. With Gridoc, you can use your preferred customer survey service, and merge collected data with your existing CRM database using Join Tables feature.

Use Cases

Blend Data from different Sources into Single Master Table

Several contractors are doing market research for your company. Even though you specified the required format of data, each contractor provides you with slightly different order of columns in their report spreadsheets. With Gridoc, you can merge these spreadsheets into single table using Combine Tables feature that will correctly identify and align columns from different files, sparing you from error-prone manual copy&pasting and fixing the data.

Use Cases

Prepare Data for Your Next Marketing Campaign

One of the inputs into company’s next marketing campaign is a list of purchased products per customer. The e-shops reporting feature is clunky and has only limited functions. On the other hand the list of transactions can be easily downloaded from the e-shops admin interface. Once the transactions file is uploaded into Gridoc, it’s automatically transformed into interactive pivot table. Grouping the table by Customer column and using Enumerate Values feature to list the products names into a single row per customer gives the desired input for the company’s marketing campaign.

Use Cases

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What is Gridoc?

Gridoc is a powerful web application for merging and consolidating data from Excel workbooks or CSV files. It’s main focus is to help you achieve the desired results quickly and with minimum effort.

Should I worry about uploaded data?

We deeply respect the trust of our users who upload their precious data into our service. It’s our responsibility to make sure that your data is safely stored in highly secure environment. There is no 3rd party access to your data, ever.

Do you have an enterprise offering?

Yes! For customers who require complete control over the application, we deploy private Gridoc instances into cloud environments like AWS or GCP. For more information please contact us through the chat widget.